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About IYRS

A yacht under construction.

Who We Are

IYRS is a world-class experiential school helping to bridge the skills-gap with a core education model dedicated to teaching highly technical and deeply craft-oriented career skills. IYRS currently has three accredited schools: School of Boatbuilding & Restoration, School of Marine Systems, and School of Composites Technology. The skills acquired in these programs are transferrable to other industries and applications. With campuses in Newport and Bristol, RI, IYRS offers an extraordinarily attractive location to study.

A group looking at a blueprintLocated in a coastal region with a history of forward thinking, innovation, and educational institutions, the school has not only become known for training fine craftsmen and technicians, but IYRS is a destination stop, enjoyed by the public. Its doors are open to all those who want to see how craftsmen train and how the history of making and building things has occurred. IYRS is home to an important array of projects—from the cutting edge to restoration projects, some accompanied by exhibits and tours.

If you have ever wondered how your interest in boats and boating can become a meaningful and interesting profession, IYRS is interested in talking with you.  To learn more about our school and its programs, contact our Admissions Team Leader by email or phone (401) 848-5777.

IYRS at a Glance

  • Founded 1993
  • Internationally recognized experiential learning institution
  • Main campus in Newport and a satellite campus in Bristol, Rhode Island
  • Offering programs helping to bridge the skills gap in highly technical and deeply craft-based making, building and restoring
  • Small student body, highly focused curricula
  • Industry-experienced faculty
  • Strong roster of industry partners and sponsors
  • Active in major restoration projects

Accreditation & Affiliations

A group working on an engineThe school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Our programs are conceived, developed and continually improved through oversight and engagement by industry partners, certification granting associations, and through an internal evaluation process that includes students, staff, trustees, and industry consultants.

The IYRS Mission

  • To teach the skills, history, art, and science of building, restoring and maintaining.
  • To preserve the knowledge and history of craftsmanship in America’s rich heritage of making.
  • To show that honest work, integrity, and mastery of craft—whether hands-on or through technology—are among life’s great achievements.