Beetle Cats

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LOA: 12′ 4″; Beam: 6′.

Fully restored Beetle Cats TM are available for delivery annually at competitive pricing, complete with sails, beautiful bronze hardware, and in appropriate colors. The Beetle Company began building these charming catboats in 1921. In 1946, the Concordia Company purchased the molds from John Beetle and continued to build the boats. Today, Beetle, Inc. carries on building them in traditional wood construction. More than 3,000 have been launched. The Beetle Cat is the foundation of the first year of the IYRS Boatbuilding & Restoration program. 

Pricing is very competitive and is dependent on date of restoration. There is no sales tax on boats purchased and kept for use in the state of Rhode Island.

For inquiries, please email Bill Kenyon or call 401.848.5777 x213.