Digital Modeling & Fabrication Faculty

Lauren Page-Lake | Lead Instructor & Program Manager

Lauren Page-Lake is a designer, educator, and photographer. She began her career on the West Coast after graduating from RISD with a BFA in Industrial Design. Her experience spans a variety of disciplines from feature film VFX at Lucasfilm's ILM and M5(Mythbusters), to manufacturing for short-run production and prototyping within research-based tech environments, to more mainstream industrial design and custom 'design-build'. Her latest line of jewelry, Kiiltää, begun in 2015, explores a range of additive manufacturing processes modeled with Rhino, Grasshopper, and others as well as hand formed precious metal clay. She has taught as an adjunct in the undergraduate Industrial Design departments at RISD and Wentworth Institute of Technology as well as RISD CE. 

David Riley | Managing Instructor

Nick Tomlin | Adjunct Instructor

Stefan Vaast | Adjunct Instructor