Mission, Vision, Values


IYRS empowers students through immersive, hands-on learning to realize their full potential in career and in life.


To educate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow in the craft of building and making.

Excellence  We are committed to providing a superior student experience through a focus on teamwork and advanced, hands-on skills training, coupled with the development of professional and interpersonal skills that serve as a foundation to our students’ future success.

Curiosity and Risk Taking  We encourage our students to take calculated risks, experience success and failure, and learn how to create opportunities from both. 

Tradition and Innovation  We respect our past and, with a commitment to lifelong learning, value and act upon new ideas that advance our educational process and student outcomes. 

Collaboration  We create mutually beneficial relationships with and for our students, including partnerships with industry, other non-profits, and government agencies.

Community and Inclusivity  We believe that diverse backgrounds and viewpoints create a richer educational experience.

Respect, Honesty and Trust  We place integrity and authenticity at the forefront of our philosophy.  We believe in the highest levels of professional and ethical standards that allow us to build the positive relationships at the core of our work.