Wave Award

The IYRS Wave Award is given annually to a supporter of IYRS who has shown extraordinary support for the school and deep commitment to the success of our students.

2024 Safe Harbor Marinas

2023 Lawrence Glenn

2020 William Kahane

2019  C. Christopher Cannon and Deborah Hadley

2018   Gerry Migliaccio

2017  David B. Ford

2016  William Mathews Brooks

2015  Peter W. Gonzalez and Gerry Lenfest

2014  George "Dooie" Isdale and Terry Nathan

2013  Bryan "Hunt" Lawrence

2012  John Mecray

2011  Edward W. Kane

2010  Joseph Dockery



IYRS is very grateful to our Wave Award winners for their leadership, commitment, and enthusiasm for our unique experiential curriculum and the success of our students.