Finding A New Career In New England

IYRS students are women and men, high school and college graduates, military veterans, and career changers. They come from across the United States and the world and have one important thing in common: they are passionate about learning the art and science of making, building, restoring, and maintaining. IYRS students are learning to become the next generation of fine craftspeople and technicians who will work with their minds and their hands to preserve our marine heritage and build our high-tech manufacturing future. Some of our students have a history of craftsmanship, others learn from scratch.

At IYRS, previous experience is not necessary, but a passion for learning and doing is.

What Makes IYRS Unique?

There's no other school quite like IYRS. It doesn't matter where you come from, what level of experience you bring or how many careers you might have previously dabbled in. When you come here, you'll find yourself at the beginning of a fresh start. We're known for our generous scholarships and grants, and an impressive employment success rate, with over 85% of students employed in their field at graduation (’17 & ’18).

You’ll apply the skills you learn at IYRS in a unique externship, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the industry. You'll learn from our expert faculty in the classroom as well as from tangible experience in the field, a dynamic combination for anyone embarking on a new career or looking to enhance an existing one. Your confidence will grow with everything you build as you work to sharpen your knowledge and polish your skills.

Throughout your time at IYRS and beyond, you'll find yourself connected to faculty and alumni through our Career Development department and many alumni engagement opportunities. Whether your interests lie in yacht building, high tech composites manufacturing, digital design, or something completely unique, you’ll have a home at IYRS.

Step Into Your New Career at IYRS

Many of our students come to us at the crossroads of a career change. In their pursuit of something new, they arrive at IYRS and never look back.

Our program allows career changers including military veterans to put to use the practical and mental skill sets they've already developed. We know the value of critical thinking, strong decision-making and technical intellect. No matter how early or late you were into a previous career, we can take what you know and help turn it into a new and successful career. Through our fully accredited courses, you can shift paths from military veteran to yacht-builder, or from insurance exec to marine technician.

It just takes an open mind, a desire to see your ideas come to life, and the bravery to take your next step.


Make the IYRS Experience Yours


Students are selected without regard to national or ethnic origin, race, sex, age, sexual orientation or religion and must be capable of benefiting from the training offered. Applicants must be seeking job training. All persons applying for admission must have completed high school or the equivalency and have the ability to understand written and oral instruction in the English language. IYRS is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools/Colleges (ACCSC).