Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants

IYRS offers generous scholarships and grants to students who qualify.

We understand that financing your education can feel overwhelming. That's why we work closely with you to help you build a bridge to financial aid, scholarships, and grants so that your goal of attending IYRS becomes a reality.

During the admissions process, all applicants can work with a IYRS financial aid administrator who will answer questions and offer solutions to help make financing your IYRS education as stress-free and manageable as possible.

Federal Financial Aid - FAFSA

Students seeking financial assistance must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Select IYRS as an institution (school code: 037323). The information you provide on the FAFSA is the primary factor in determining your eligibility for federal student loans (which need to be repaid) and/or federal Pell grants (which do not need to be repaid). It also allows IYRS to evaluate applicants for need-based awards funded through the school.

The FAFSA operates under strict deadlines each year, so be sure to submit your application on time to be eligible for financial aid. You will need to provide information about your IYRS program, educational experiences, and your household income based on your tax returns.

For more information and assistance with this process, please contact Student Services.

Learn more about federal financial aid HERE.

IYRS Scholarships & Grants

IYRS scholarships and grants are available to students who qualify across all programs, regardless of previous academic background. A completed admissions application, IYRS Scholarship & Grant application, and completed FAFSA are required to be considered for awards. IYRS scholarships and grants do not have to be paid back and offer students from all backgrounds the opportunity to access funding to help with their tuition expenses. From need-based grants to diversity and inclusion-focused scholarships to Rhode Island resident opportunities and IYRS alumni grants, affordability is important to IYRS.

Our school for tradespeople in Rhode Island also offers scholarships focused on each of our program areas. These are geared toward students who have demonstrated a passion for their program as well as financial need. 

Learn about and apply for IYRS' scholarships and grants HERE.

By the numbers

100% of '17, '18, '19 & '20 students who applied for an IYRS scholarship received one.

On average, 60+% of students were scholarship recipients ('17-'20).

IYRS believes strongly in helping to make our students' educations affordable through scholarship opportunities for all types of students. It is IYRS's desire to help students achieve their educational goals and assist them in creating a distinct path to successful careers. Chris Cannon, Chairman of the IYRS Board of Trustees