International Students at IYRS

IYRS has welcomed students from all over the world – from countries including Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and others!

Upon acceptance at IYRS, all non-immigrant international students must secure an M-1 visa.  Please contact Student Services to facilitate this process.  Please note that IYRS is required to report to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services all students issued I-20s who have not reported to campus as scheduled.

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of rules and regulations that dictate his or her stay in the United States.  Students are also responsible for the submission of any additional applications associated with their status as an M-1 student, such as a request for an extension of stay or optional practical training (OPT).

English Language Proficiency

All instruction at IYRS is conducted in English.  Non-immigrant international students are required to demonstrate English proficiency during the admissions interview process and comply with other admissions requirements as outlined in the Student Handbook.