An education at IYRS School of Technology & Trades is much more than a certificate. It's an investment in your future. We want students to discover their potential, develop new skills, and use them to begin a career that they love.

If you would like to learn more about our post-secondary school in Rhode Island, feel free to request more information or schedule a tour of our campus. We'd love to hear your story, tell you ours and answer any questions you may have about tuition or our programs.

Tuition Information by Program

Boatbuilding & Restoration Program

IYRS was originally founded as the International Yacht Restoration School with Boatbuilding & Restoration as its sole program. Since that time, our curriculum has expanded to include four hands-on programs but the Boatbuilding & Restoration program remains a core of IYRS’s past and future. Under the tutelage of expert craftspeople and alongside a team of students who share your passion for woodworking, you will gain hands-on experience with real-world yacht restoration projects.

Throughout this accredited 20-month program, you'll restore and launch two wooden yachts as your watch your newfound skills tangibly unfold. By the end of the program, you will be poised for success as a fine craftsperson in your new career.

2019-2020 Boatbuilding & Restoration 

  Year 1 Year 2
Tuition (direct cost) $21,800 $21,800
Shop & Materials Fee (direct cost) $1,500 $1,685
Tools & Books (indirect cost) $1,500 $0


Composites Technology Program

In our accredited, six-month Composites Technology Program, you will gain immersive training and experience in building and manufacturing using advanced composites. Our diverse course curriculum involves an interactive introduction to composites manufacturing methods, 2D and 3D tools, and CAD/CAM technology. You’ll learn the science behind composites and explore CAD/CAM technology in learning how to design and build with these advanced materials. With your shop and classroom experience behind you, you'll put your skills into practice with your own capstone project and industry externship.

In just six months, you'll learn to design and build with advanced materials – some of the lightest and strongest on earth – and be ready to pursue a career at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.

2019-2020 Composites Technology

Tuition (direct cost) $17,800
Shop & Materials Fee (direct cost) $2,600
ACMA Certification Exam (direct cost) $460
Tools, Laptop & Books (indirect cost) $1,500


Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program

Combine a creative eye for design with skill in advanced manufacturing in our Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program. During the nine-month course, you'll develop the groundwork for a successful career through an understanding of product design, CAD software programs, digital design principles, and more. Hands-on projects offer the chance to practice your new skills and create pieces from the ground up. With state-of-the-art 3D printing, you'll watch your concepts come to life. These tangible displays provide impressive examples to showcase to prospective employers and kickstart a professional career.

A custom Capstone project and month-long externship offer additional opportunities to apply your skills and prepare for success outside the classroom.

2019-2020 Digital Modeling & Fabrication

Tuition (direct cost) $20,200
Shop & Materials Fee (direct cost) $2,400
Tools, Laptop & Books (indirect cost) $1,500


Marine Systems Program

Ready to earn your certification as a marine technician? After six months of intensive study and hands-on projects, you'll graduate from IYRS with a degree that will equip you for a future trade in boating. You'll learn everything you need to know about the inner workings of a powerboat, from big-picture systems to the nitty-gritty details.

You'll be trained to install, repair, and troubleshoot every element of a boat, from electrical systems to engines. Marine sanitation devices, plumbing, steering systems, and electronic installations are just a few of many skills you'll add to your toolkit. Our Marine Systems Program prepares you to succeed as a systems technician and launch your new career.

2019-2020 Marine Systems

Tuition (direct cost) $18,100
Shop & Materials Fee (direct cost) $1,770
ABYC Membership Fee (direct cost) $175
ABYC & NMEA Certification Exams (direct cost) $1,270
Tools, Laptop & Books (indirect cost) $1,500