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Boatbuilding & Restoration Program
IYRS's nationally accredited Boatbuilding & Restoration program will immerse you in the complete woodworking and wooden boatbuilding process where you'll learn from experts and work alongside fellow craftspeople at the edge of Newport Harbor in Newport, Rhode Island.

No prior boatbuilding or woodworking experience is necessary, but a passion for working with your hands to restore and create is. You will have the incredible experience of restoring an historic wooden boat to the water in each year of this 2-year program. Boatbuilding & Restoration sets up students to thrive as highly skilled craftspeople and woodworkers in today’s job market. 

Find out why Newsweek named IYRS one of the Best Maker Schools in the world and why more than 800 companies seek to hire our graduates.  

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IYRS provided an extensive education in all things related to working on wooden boats. I became not just a wooden boatbuilder, but a fine craftsman.
- John Gaffney '17, 
Professional Boatbuilder with Tumblehome Boatshop 

Students working together in class