Composites Technology Program 

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Composites Technology Program

The Composites Technology program enrolls next in March 2023.

In this immersive, 6-month, nationally accredited program, you will learn to design and build with some of the lightest, strongest materials on earth including carbon fiber and fiberglass. In 6 months, you'll become a Certified Composites Technician, prepared for an in-demand career in exciting industries from maritime to aerospace to sporting goods to wind energy and beyond.

This is a hands-on program where students learn and build each day, experiencing the excitement of executing increasingly more sophisticated projects which culminate in their own capstone project. Recent capstones have included everything from carbon fiber surfboards to custom car components. 

Request information now and find out why Newsweek recently named IYRS one of the Best Maker Schools in the world and why more than 700 companies seek to hire our graduates. 

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