House a Student. Change a Life.

IYRS students seek to change their careers and their lives through the hands-on education they receive at IYRS. They have passion for what they will be learning, a strong work ethic, a love of building and creating, and an acceptance to our school.

Many times what they don't have is housing as a result of Newport's difficult housing market. To help them make their educational dreams possible, our students seek members of the community who are willing to rent a private room in their home, an apartment or condo, or a house.

This is a traditional landlord/tenant arrangement with a rental contract provided by the homeowner to the student if they wish and a monthly rent payment, with the amount determined by the homeowner, to be paid by the student to the homeowner. IYRS students are age 18+, with an average age of 25-30.

Typically, IYRS students require housing during these time periods, depending on their program:

  • September-March
  • September-April
  • March-August

Homeowners who complete the form below will be placed on a list of potential housing opportunities provided to IYRS students who will contact you directly to inquire. Placement on the list does not guarantee rental of your property and does not obligate you to rent to a student.