Curriculum and Instructional Specialist

JOB TITLE: Curriculum and Instructional Specialist
SUPERVISOR: Director of Education
This position has three primary components:
 Work with the Director of Education to develop and enhance existing academic program
 Provide support for faculty to develop as instructors
 Create and administer short-term programs

1. Review the quality and content of existing program curricula to ensure that the
IYRS programs remain current and aligned with the needs of students with a
focus on career readiness
2. Work directly with the Director of Education and program faculty to review the
curriculum and make suggestions for changes
3. Actively coordinate with the Director of Education to utilize the IYRS Professional
Advisory Committees to inform programming decisions and increase the impact
of the IYRS programs on students’ development with a focus on career readiness
4. Design and plan effective curricula with a focus on incorporating student-
centered engagement
5. Consult with all relevant school personnel to understand how the IYRS programs
can best support enrollment needs and our outcomes for students


1. Administer and review existing student surveys to identify opportunities for
improving the quality of our programs
2. Analyze and research best educational practices for teaching adult learners to
make sound recommendations for enhancing instruction and student
engagement strategies
3. Assess the instructional needs of the IYRS faculty by providing actionable
feedback to help them improve their teaching

1. Provide ongoing instructional development support opportunities for new and existing
instructors through coordinating and running workshops
2. Work with the Director of Education to develop short term workshops for industry
partners and community members
3. Develop of the annual line up of community focused short-term workshops (Develop
budget, secure instructors, oversee registration, marketing and workshop delivery)
4. Reach out to industry partners to develop workshops for incumbent workers
Perform additional duties as needed.

Education and Experience Requirements: 
 Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education
 Knowledge of curriculum development, instruction, and assessment
 Fluency with using digital tools and comfort with discussing and applying data and
feedback with faculty and staff
Other Expectations
Each employee at IYRS is expected to demonstrate the following in the regular performance of
his or her job duties:
 Commitment to the vision, mission, and values of IYRS
 Adherence to IYRS’s Code of Conduct
 A positive attitude and willingness to contribute productively to the success of the team
and the organization
 An understanding of and commitment to the IYRS’s core competencies of accountability,
collaboration, communication, institutional values, and service
 Active participation in efforts geared toward directing and improving the overall
operations of IYRS, such as strategic planning, organizational development, and
performance improvement
 Commitment to acting as an advocate and ambassador for IYRS
 Sense of ownership and pride in personal performance
 Adherence to all existing IYRS policies and procedures

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to