Lead Instructor - Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program (DMF)

Organizational Overview
IYRS School of Technology & Trades is a non-profit, post-secondary experiential learning institution in Newport, Rhode Island. Our mission is to empower students through immersive, hands-on learning to realize their full potential in career and in life.

IYRS offers four certificate programs for people interested in careers in the marine trades and modern manufacturing. IYRS students are passionate about thinking and working through hands-on learning to develop skills and problem-solving abilities. IYRS was named a Best Maker School by Newsweek Magazine in 2021.

Primary functions and purpose of this position
The Digital Modeling and Fabrication (DMF) Lead Instructor is responsible for the delivery of the curriculum and managing logistical needs while modeling the work values the students are expected to employ during their time in the program. The DMF Lead Instructor will uphold IYRS’ standards of instruction and mission within DMF of innovative exploration, problem-solving, and work ethic.

Oversee the program and design and deliver the curriculum 

  • Design and deliver the curriculum with primary responsibility for lectures and demonstrations and one-on-one instruction
  • Work with Dean of Education and the DMF Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) to continually evaluate, improve, and maintain quality curriculum, instructional materials, and method
  • Work with Program Manager to evaluate and grade student learning outcomes
  • Work with Career Development team to set up field trips and guest speakers to enhance the curriculum
  • Work with Dean of Education and CFO to develop and work within an annual program budget   
  • Work with Career Development Manager to counsel students in the development of externship and employment opportunities
  • If applicable, prepare students for industry certification exams

Ensure program has adequate equipment, tools, and materials

  • Set up and support DMF program equipment, tools, and materials inventory
  • Instruct, implement, and maintain the shop/lab to the highest industry standards for safety and cleanliness
  • Work with Program Manager to ensure all students have access to functional tools, equipment, machinery, and supplies
  • Work with Program Manager to ensure all materials are ordered and on-hand when needed 
  • Participate in requisite safety training for staff and students 

Additional time is required to support student and organizational activities such as Launch/Graduation Day, Annual Gala, and open houses which may include some evenings and weekends. 

Essential KSOCs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics) 

  • Up-to-date knowledge in 3D printing processes and CNC techniques/concepts with an ongoing willingness to increase knowledge through added training
  • Computer skills specific to DMF: Rhino7, Fusion360, Solidworks, and MasterCAM
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Ability to handle the daily physical/lifting demands

Education and Experience Requirements:
Minimum 5 years of education, training and\or occupational experience with making and fabricating with an assortment of 3D printing, laser-cutting and machining processes.

Other Expectations
Each employee at IYRS is expected to demonstrate the following in the regular performance of his or her job duties:

  • Commitment to the vision, mission, and values of IYRS
  • Adherence to IYRS’s Code of Conduct
  • A positive attitude and willingness to contribute productively to the success of the team and the organization.
  • An understanding of and commitment to the IYRS’s core competencies of accountability, collaboration, communication, institutional values, and service
  • Active participation in efforts geared toward directing and improving the overall operations of IYRS, such as strategic planning, organizational development, and performance improvement.
  • Commitment to acting as an advocate and ambassador for IYRS.
  • Sense of ownership and pride in personal performance
  • Adherence to all existing IYRS policies and procedures

Salary Range and Benefits

  • Annual salary commensurate with experience
  • Paid holidays, vacation, personal, and sick time
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Health Reimbursement Account and/or Health Savings Account
  • Retirement plan with company match
  • Employee assistance program