IYRS Industry Partner Program

Each year, approximately 70% of IYRS students require scholarships in order to make their IYRS education possible. As with any non-profit institution, our funding is limited. If more scholarship funding were available, we could educate more students who would be trained and eager to enter the marine trades and modern manufacturing workforce.

Become an official IYRS Industry Partner

The IYRS Industry Partner program will provide valuable benefits to your company while generating needed scholarship funding for IYRS students. Let's work together to grow the skilled workforce that is so desperately needed while supporting IYRS students who are passionate about working in your industry.

IYRS Industry Partner Program
$2,500 per year (a tax-deductible contribution)

As an IYRS Industry Partner, you will receive:

  • A scholarship of $2,500 named after your company given to a student with financial need whose IYRS program supports your business needs*
  • IYRS Career Day Exhibitor Sponsorship (including all associated benefits)
  • Opportunity to present a Lunch & Learn session about your company for IYRS students, in-person or via Zoom
  • One article provided by your company published in the Binnacle, IYRS’s alumni & student e-newsletter
  • Your company logo with live link to your business in each monthly issue of the Binnacle for 12 months
  • Your company logo on the IYRS website as an official Industry Partner


*Although we cannot guarantee a student will accept permanent employment with your company, you will have multiple opportunities to meet and engage with them during their IYRS program. IYRS programs include Boatbuilding & Restoration, Composites Technology, Digital Modeling & Fabrication, and Marine Systems.

2024 Industry Partners

As an official IYRS Industry Partner, you will have opportunities throughout the year to meet our current students, share information with them about your company including job openings and current projects, reach IYRS’s exceptional alumni who live throughout the United States, and more.

IYRS is grateful for your support as we work to build a bigger, better skilled workforce.