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Make the Most of Your Gap Year:
Hands-On STEM Learning  

Spend your gap year learning hands-on STEM skills in an incredible setting at the edge of Newport Harbor in beautiful Newport, RI. 

Gap year programs at IYRS School of Technology & Trades range from 6-20 months. You'll learn and work beside like-minded students as our expert faculty train you to design, build, and explore your interests through hands-on learning. Your time at IYRS will provide a rich experience for your college applications...and your future career.

Gap year programs include:
Digital Modeling & Fabrication | 9 month
Composites Technology | 6 months
Marine Systems | 6 months

IYRS programs are nationally accredited by ACCSC and generous scholarships are available to all students who qualify.  

Find out why Newsweek named IYRS one of the Best Maker Schools in the world in 2021 and why more than 700 companies seek to hire our graduates.

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IYRS Students Share Their Experience

We learned how to use so many tools I had never used before. I feel like I can make anything.
- Telli Quinn '19

Students working together in class