Knolling along...
Tony Peters, Boatbuilding & Restoration Student Ambassador

Organizing my tools  was for a time quite an obsession. It started when our 1st year instructors, Joel and Hans, introduced the Anarchist Tool Chest, both the book and the pine tool chest we were required to construct as part of our joinery project. I, of course, jumped in the deep-end and built a huge toolbox that I was sure would store all the tools I could ever dream of needing. Because let’s face it you can’t have too many tools (can you?)

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IYRS and the value of experience
Don Chapin, Composites Technology Student Ambassador

Two and a half months in, three weeks until the Christmas break, and we have been working in both the classroom and the shop to learn how to effectively use composite materials.  The work has centered on a process of learning in the classroom followed by instructor demonstrations before we are set loose to try on our own.

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We all have our Strengths
Abby Shenker, Digital Modeling & Fabrication Student Ambassador

Hello again! I’m Abby Shenker, student in Digital Modeling and Fabrication. In my first blog post here, I wrote about how varied the students at IYRS are. This month, I want to talk a bit about what many of us have in common. 

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The First Months of Marine Systems
Jason Eldridge, Marine Systems Student Ambassador

Over the last month of Marine Systems, we’ve been super busy both in the classroom and out on the shop floor. We’ve been learning how to read plans, layout the different systems, create wiring diagrams to plan our wiring, price out simulated plumbing jobs, and install both electrical and plumbing on our simulator

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