Onboard Hair Dryer Hacks
Mari Mitchell '23

Meet Mari! She is a 2023 IYRS Marine Systems student where day to day life is a menagerie of wires, plumbing, and motors.  Her work as a yacht stewardess, prior to enrolling in IYRS, supplied her with many opportunities to put an ordinary household item to use in a rather unconventional manner.  She has quite a few tips!

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Observations About Life as an IYRS Student by Dan Purcell '23
Dan Purcell '23

Dan Purcell '23 came to IYRS from Baltimore, Maryland where he had a successful career as a commercial property management executive. But the boating itch had taken hold and he knew his future career happiness would be based on and around the water. A career change was in order.  Today he's a student in our Marine Systems program and shares some of his observations about being an IYRS student and living in Newport!

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Porter Hoagland '22 - Boatbuilding & Restoration

Each type of wood seems to continue to respond to the environment in and around Restoration Hall in sometimes unpredictable ways, making us wonder whether the boundary between life and death in a tree is as discrete as we often assume. We ask: “Does the incorporation of wood into a boat help to extend its life, imparting a new body and—daresay—even a soul to a former existence?”

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