From a 3D printing passion to a machining career

From a 3D printing passion to a machining career

Vincent Burg '24 is a Rhode Island native with a passion for model making. He had "dabbled in personal 3D printing projects" in high school but wasn't sure how he could turn this hobby into a career. 

He heard about IYRS School of Technology & Trades through his brother Chris Burg, Marine Systems Fall '22, and was pleased to discover the school's 9-month Digital Modeling & Fabrication program. It was there that he discovered a talent for machining. 

For his capstone project, he applied the skills he developed in SOLIDWORKS and Mastercam to design and fabricate a contour vise. A contour vise is a special kind of vise that has a series of fingers which allow it to hold objects a traditional bench vise cannot. Check out the images below that show his process of creating toolpaths in Mastercam and the final set of CNC machined fingers. 

IYRS student working on digital modeling projects

Now Vincent is putting his CNC machining skills to the test with an externship at Narragansett-based machine shop Rocky Brook Associates Inc. Vincent's goals are to gain experience across a range of machining operations as he continues to grow in his new CNC programming career.

Do you love to create? Learn more about IYRS's 9-month Digital Modeling & Fabrication Program.