IYRS PARTNERS with Brown University on Formula SAE Racecar to Compete May 8

IYRS PARTNERS with Brown University on Formula SAE Racecar to Compete May 8

Brown Formula Racing, Brown University's premier design and build team has partnered with IYRS School of Technology & Trades composites technology student Edda Vazquez to fabricate the aerodynamic surfaces for its Formula SAE racecar set to compete on May 8 at Michigan International Speedway.

Vazquez, a chemical engineer from Mexico, came to IYRS in Newport to get hands-on experience with composite materials to further her career goal of building Formula 1 race cars. 

"I understood a good deal about the chemistry of resins and epoxies, but IYRS really trains us on the interactions of material (carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass) during the curing process and shape building," said Vazquez. 

Vazquez reached out to Brown Formula Racing to see how she could help. Since 1996, the team of undergraduates has built and raced formula cars against more than 100 schools from across the U.S. However, in the past more than 20 years of competition, the team has not been able to complete the aerodynamic wings in time for the race. That’s where IYRS and Vazquez came in.

“The Brown Formula Racing team spends many months designing, simulating, manufacturing and testing a new car every year which involves 16 different subsystems (chassis, suspension, powertrain, etc),” said Rehaan Irani, a junior at Brown. ““The wings are usually something we want to do, but run out of time and resources before the competition. Edda and IYRS represent an opportunity to take the car to the next level and compete against the bigger teams.”

The wings are critical for keeping the car stuck to the road when making sharp corners and accelerating into straightaways. The cars can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under two seconds.

“The collaboration between IYRS and the Brown students has been fun to watch — from the design phase to the manufacturing of the parts, to their completion,” said Jason Feld, Managing Instructor - Composites Technology. “To see enthusiastic young adults building something that pushes them to step outside of their box and learn something new is what we are all about here at IYRS. The build process Edda underwent was not easy and filled with many difficult tasks, but using what she has learnt here at IYRS, Edda worked hard and pushed through. Edda knew little about working with composites nine months ago, but in approximately 3-4 weeks she built more than a dozen parts for the Brown team. I believe the outcome will be fantastic.”

Those considering IYRS’s nine-month composites technology program that prepares students for careers in exciting industries including aerospace, yacht building, automotive, sporting goods, wind energy, and beyond can learn more at IYRS.edu/programs-of-study.

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