From the Admissions Desk: 3 things we always discuss with Career Changers

More than 50% of our applicants to the Fall 2020 term described themselves as “career changers.” You may think this is unusual or perhaps the result of our economy’s volatility relative to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you would be inaccurate. Year over year, roughly half the people who speak with Admissions are planning a career change with IYRS as part of their plan. And, when you visit our shops, you will find more than half our enrolled students are those career changers. They do it! They make a plan and make their career change. 

So, how do they do it? In nearly every case - early, mid and late career changers - the career changers who are successful are those who have done their research and pursue a career change toward something that is deeply interesting to them. They research thoroughly, reading online, speaking with folks in the field, and visiting schools that may prepare them for the work. 

The Admissions team meets these career changers as they narrow the research. And, when we do, there are three main topics we discuss: 1) the research, 2) the finances, and 3) their aspirations. From them, we’ve learned a few things.

1. Start studying your new industry and assess the marketable skills you already have. 

Maybe you know someone in the field. Maybe there’s a business down the road or one you follow on Instagram. Speaking with people who work in the field provides a firsthand account of what the work day is like and how satisfied they feel by it. Adding to that online research into the industry, including specific products, services and companies in your preferred region, can help complete the picture. Want to get started? Connect with in the IYRS Career Development team to learn how your skills may add value. 

2.  Factor the cost of attendance, not tuition alone.

When a career changer exchanges full-time work for full-time school there may be sacrifices. Tuition, shop & material fees, tools, rent, food, and utilities cover the very basics of the budget needed to attend school full time. How you build your budget and source your funding take time, attention to detail, some ingenuity, and discipline. Speaking with the IYRS Student Services team early can help you make your plan. Email in Student Services to learn more. 

3.  Bet on yourself and the investment you make in you. 

We are often asked how much our graduates can expect to earn when they graduate. Our boilerplate answer is consistent: it depends on the person. Sure, you can research compensation by job title and region (, but the main factor will always be the graduate. Taking into account what you learn at IYRS along with your work ethic, experience, and fit for a role can help you map out a career trajectory in your new field that meets your aspirations and expectations.

If you’re contemplating a career change with IYRS as part of the plan there has never been a better time to connect with Admissions. Contact us today at