From the Admissions Desk: Invest smart. Fulfill the dream

Now we know graduating high school seniors and college students are facing a real decision. They are less willing to attend a degree granting college or university that takes years to complete, cannot promise the robust campus experience or job prospects it once could, and has an inflated price tag. 

Their reasoning stems from months of uncertain headline news, but nothing as paralyzing as finances is influencing their decisions more. College students were disappointed in the spring term. Graduating high school seniors were frustrated by the lack of information accompanying deposit due dates to their top schools. Weeks into nationwide reopening plans, unemployment continues to grow and social unrest is electrifying. But, if the investment doesn’t make sense why buy into it?

So, how are young people making a decision they feel is satisfying and inspiring? Long before COVID-19 and protests calling for sweeping social change people generally shared the same thing with our Admissions Team as they are now. They want to make a smart investment that will serve them long term in pursuit of fulfilling work. 

Then what is a smart investment? Prospective students to IYRS regularly share what informs their decision to apply to our programs. 

  • They have a clear career plan or aspirational goal path for their life. 
  • They see short cycle training in a small, professional learning environment as an asset.
  • They know and trust someone who has fulfilled a similar career and lifestyle. 
  • They value a learning community that fosters lifelong growth and networking. 
  • They expect to build relationships through shared experience. 

As graduating high school seniors and college students rethink their plans they need some stable factors to focus that thinking. Reflecting on the career plans and aspirations that initially led them to those traditional institutions can help. The path they take may change, but they need not give up those plans and aspirations. 

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