From the Admissions Desk: Investing in your next step

As an Admissions Team when we talk to applicants, especially recent high school graduates and college students right now, about investing in education we explore far more than loans, scholarships and grants. 

One of the many ways IYRS is different from other schools is that our Admissions Team explores the applicant’s narrative, or their personal story, firsthand. We learn what they are aspiring to accomplish. What options they are considering. What experiences led them to IYRS. Where they see themselves in the future. 

These answers help us understand the investment and further explore whether IYRS is right for the applicant. Together we determine whether we’re a good fit for each other now.

We also learn what worries applicants about making the investment in a certificate granting program like IYRS or any post-secondary institution. We call these worries objections. And, these objections are personal. To our team, they translate to the risk the applicant feels they are taking by signing on the electronic dotted line, purchasing tools, and telling friends and family their plan.

Perceived or real, the risk any applicant to IYRS takes is in themselves. That is what we believe as a team. Perhaps it is because IYRS has historically awarded financial aid to 100% of those who apply for it.* Or it is because IYRS students have historically been employed at a rate of 87% within 6 months of graduation.* Or yet still maybe it is because the average trade school (two years or less) graduate debt is $10,000 or less whereas the 2019 average college debt is $32,000 or more.  

Investing in education is calculus beyond loan balances and scholarships amounts. It is more than lifetime earnings or career trajectories. Investing in education is about fit. When an applicant can articulate why they choose IYRS it significantly clarifies the dollars and cents objections. And when you add to the equation the undeniably convincing data of IYRS’ financial awards, employment, and debt ratio shopping for your favorite tools becomes the best reward to silence those risks.  

Interested in the topic? Learn more about the robust financial support IYRS has to offer. And, join us for an event or connect for an informational call anytime to learn more.