From the Admissions Desk: IYRS career changers make it personal

Career changes and risk go hand in glove. We’ve learned this firsthand by listening to IYRS career changers. And, there are many. In fact, each term more than half of our students identify as a career changer. Early, mid, and late career changers come to IYRS with different education, training, experience, and expectations. However different they are, they share the risk of changing their careers.

So what do our career changers tell us? They tell us that mitigating the risk of a career change is important but there is no formula. It is personal. It is based on their experience and expertise, their family and financial situation, and their aspirations and expectations. The career changers at IYRS have mentally mapped how to make a satisfactory career change. And for them, the change includes technical training in new skills that balances the risk in their favor.

If you find yourself teetering on a career change decision that involves education or training, press school representatives to explore the risks with you. The IYRS Admissions team always asks what a prospective student wishes to achieve by making a career change with IYRS in the plan. Schools like IYRS focus on those answers. It is our charge. Faculty and administrators alike work tirelessly to ensure IYRS graduates achieve what they set out to do. In fact, IYRS provides a Career Development curriculum to all students beginning on orientation day and following them into their new career. Is not a dusty, remote office in a corner of campus. Career Development is part of the IYRS experience, including self-assessments, professional communication, career counseling, resume reviews, and interviewing skills. Not to mention research. Lots of research. Learn how Career Development works at IYRS here:

Ready to explore your career change? Consider how IYRS might be part of your personal plan. Connect with Admissions to start exploring programs. Contact us today at

And, if you’re curious how Career Development at IYRS has an impact on our students you can listen to them directly by reading their blog posts. Learn more about our Marine Systems graduates’ experiences in The World Is Their Oyster and San Diego or Bust