Observations About Life as an IYRS Student by Dan Purcell '23

Observations About Life as an IYRS Student by Dan Purcell '23

Dan Purcell '23 came to IYRS from Baltimore, Maryland where he had a successful career as a commercial property management executive. But the boating itch had taken hold and he knew his future career happiness would be based on and around the water. A career change was in order.  Today he's a student in our Marine Systems program and shares some of his observations and being an IYRS student and living in Newport! Here's what Dan had to say...

Beyond the content of the Marine Systems curriculum I'm studying, these are some things that I’ve experienced, observed and enjoyed as an out-of-state career changer attending IYRS.

1. IYRS is well known in Newport. It only took me a couple weeks of living in Newport to
understand how well the school is regarded. Back home, telling friends about IYRS School of Technology & Trades drew blank stares and at least one erroneous question about why I was attending an “Irish” school… But in Newport, seldom do I meet someone who isn’t familiar with IYRS.

2. An extension of point one, IYRS makes for great conversation when meeting new people, especially in Newport. Being new to the area I’ve met a whole host of new people. When I tell them I’m attending IYRS, they are immediately curious about the school, what I’m studying and what I plan to do after graduation.

4. This is purely anecdotal, but the fall weather has been phenomenal. The brisk mornings and warm afternoons have been exceedingly pleasant. I’ve been told it’s the warming effects the Atlantic waters have on Newport versus what would otherwise be a colder climate, but regardless, it’s been very nice.

3. Attending a maritime school within a boating town results in a cultural immersion that elevates the experience of both over what either would yield individually. Attending the Newport Boat Show, racing around the lower Aquidneck waters with a group of
fellow students, touring local marinas and even sitting in a nearby pub chatting with other local sailors has all added to the fun of attending IYRS.

5. The sun sets nearly a half hour earlier here than at my home in the mid- Atlantic, but Newport is perfectly positioned to deliver some amazing sunset views.