From the Admissions Desk: Planning for school means more than saving

Nora Meah, Director of Admissions

As a career changer, to enroll in a full-time post-secondary school in a new place is a big deal. Planning is a must. Letting finances dominate your plan can be a distraction from the goal of your plan: to learn. When career changers shore up their financial planning early it makes all the other planning a little bit easier. 

Our students tell us that the biggest barrier to their career change dream is finances. Our team of Admissions and Student Services professionals knows that this is broader than just the bottom line dollars and cents. It is about securing affordable housing, managing a school-time budget, and networking early in the field of study to ensure that graduation feels like a springboard, not a new starting line. 

One way career changers organize for school is to list what needs to happen before, during and after they enroll. A list like this may feel linear, but it allows you to dedicate more time on larger tasks earlier and it identifies dependencies among tasks. Another way career changers organize for school is to backwards plan, or reverse engineer, from their goal. Backwards planning can illuminate important cause and effect variables that help you prioritize. 

Career changers at IYRS don’t just change careers. They change their lives. Long before they walk onto campus for Orientation Day, IYRS career changers have put a plan in action that will enable them to learn new skills on their way to a new way of life. 

If you’re planning a career change with IYRS as part of the plan there has never been a better time to connect with Admissions. Contact us today at