Spring 2019 Marine Systems Student Ambassadors

Spring 2019 Marine Systems Student Ambassadors


Name: William Ingram
Program: Marine Systems
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

What brought you to IYRS:  I had always wanted to be on the ocean, whether I was working or living, but I was landlocked.  I began looking for schools in Marine Trades and IYRS was consistently at the top of the list.

More about Will:  I have always been inquisitive about things in general, and have become somewhat of a “jack of all trades, master of none.”  I have developed this over the years where I was interested in something by had no way to do it practically, so I would buy books and information to learn as much about it as possible.  For example, I learned how surgeons suture and taught myself how to do it - I found the more types of things I taught myself, the easier it became.  I have played guitar since I was 12 years old and have learned to play various instruments. 

In the past, I owned my own custom cabinetry business and built a lot of custom furniture, bars, built-ins, etc.  The most elaborate thing I have built was a Man-Cave Bar, which featured unique, contrasting woods with in-lays of family pictures and keepsakes in resin.  The item that I built that I am most proud of is a corner to corner, ceiling to floor shelving system I built for my mother’s sewing room. 



Name: Keith Gipple
Program: Marine Systems
Hometown: Dover, Tennessee

What brought you to IYRS:  After my retirement from a 26 year U.S. Army career I was searching for a second career path, I was looking for one that had the potential to provide me with a similar level of exploration and adventure.  In addition, I insisted this new path afford me the opportunity to plot my own course and choose my own destinations - something that is considered a luxury in the case of most military careers.  

As luck would have it, a friend of mine offered me an invitation to join the crew onboard a 53 foot Amel Super Maramu, setting out on an offshore passage from Santa Marta, Columbia to Huntington, NY.  It was an incredible experience and I still proudly continue to crew aboard S/V Kimberlite today.  Which is what brought me here to Newport last July.

I was aboard S/V Kimberlite for a cruise to Newport for Independence week.  As we were moored here in the bay for the week, the Owner/Captain suggested that I check out the IYRS campus.  I'm so glad I followed through with his suggestion.

As I walked along the campus tour, I knew I had found the beginning of my new career path. The small community campus and class size resonated with me, the same sense of camaraderie and teamwork that was present in my military career was here as well.    

The campus also hummed with creative innovation, and a sense of pride in craftsmanship, along with a drive to learn by doing, practicing, and applying the newly acquired knowledge, methods, skills, and techniques through a truly interactive learning experience. 

I knew that day IYRS was the first waypoint on my journey into the Marine Industry and on to my final destination.

Something you do for fun:  I enjoy participating in Off-road Overland Adventures and Challenges such as the Overland Challenge event supporting Military charities.