Programs of Study

IYRS is the number one school for craftspeople in New England.


Are you a recent high school student who is developing a revised post-secondary plan due to the impact of COVID-19? Or perhaps you are a career professional with uncertainty in the stability of your job, company, or industry. 

If so, a hands-on education at IYRS will provide you with in-demand skills that last a lifetime and can prepare you to successfully enter or re-enter the job market.

Explore our programs and see how IYRS can help you forge a new path forward.   

A School for Craftspeople in New England

IYRS School of Technology & Trades is the premier marine trades and modern manufacturing school in the United States. As a post-secondary, non-profit institution, IYRS offers five ACCSC accredited, full-time programs that range in duration from 6 months to 20 months.

Our students are aspiring craftspeople, designers, makers, builders, and technicians who come to IYRS to learn the hands-on and technology skills they'll use to build successful careers and richer lives.

Boatbuilding & Restoration

Master the craft of fine woodworking through our twenty-month ACCSC accredited Boatbuilding & Restoration program. You'll experience every element of the boatbuilding process from concept to creation to launch. Become equipped for career success through a curriculum packed with daily hands-on learning, team-based boat restorations, and relevant classroom education. The program includes an industry externship and culminates in the launch of your restored wooden yacht.

We believe the best way to learn is through doing. At the start of your program, you'll ground yourself in the foundational elements of shop safety and tool and machine use before getting started with a sailboat restoration project. In year one, you'll work with your team to measure, loft, build, restore - and finally - launch into Newport Harbor.

Year two will further develop your boatbuilding and professional skills through full project management of your second boat restoration. You'll improve and advance your craftsmanship skills and end the year with a robust portfolio of your real-world experience and the pride in knowing you’ve returned two historic wooden yachts to the water during your time at IYRS.

Composites Technology

This six-month program will equip you with a mastery of advanced composites technology skills, highly desirable for today’s rapidly growing modern manufacturing industry. You will gain an immersive introduction to CAD technology, 2D and 3D design, and a range of composites manufacturing methods.

You will learn the ins and outs of designing and building with advanced composites and the chemistry behind how these materials work. As you learn advanced manufacturing methods — from mold making to vacuum infusion and beyond — and receive an introduction to CAD software design, you'll be prepared to become a Certified Composites Technician. This certification, in addition to your personal capstone project and month-long industry externship, will provide you with the skills to embark on a career as an in-demand composites technician, building with some of the lightest, strongest materials on earth.

Digital Modeling & Fabrication

Craft and technology intersect in our Digital Modeling & Fabrication program. If you have a curiosity about product design and innovative manufacturing, you'll be poised for success with your education from this unique program. Through this ACCSC accredited nine-month course, you'll learn design thinking and the basics of design using leading 3D modeling software, and how to bring your designs to life using modern manufacturing tools like commercial 3D printers, milling machines, CNC routers, and lathes.

After immersing yourself in hands-on learning, you'll put your skills to work. Alongside expert teachers and a team of fellow students, you'll design and build a capstone project of your choice where your passion guides the project. This program concludes with a month-long industry externship, giving you the opportunity to build valuable professional relationships and resume building experience to launch your new career.

Marine Systems

Our ACCSC accredited six-month Marine Systems program equips you with the tools and training you need to become an in-demand marine technician. You'll learn the details of both stand-alone and fully-integrated systems, gaining not just cursory knowledge but hands-on competency in the inner workings of a powerboat. By the conclusion of the course, you'll be prepared to install, repair, and troubleshoot all aspects of a boat’s systems, from engine to electrical to hydraulics to plumbing. A key element to the program is the build of your own simulation panel that replicates these systems from scratch as well as immersion into maintenance and repair of diesel engines. These curricular elements, along with your one-month industry externship, are powerful resume builders as you step into your new career as an in-demand marine technician and take your love of boats to a new level.

Combined Program in Composites Technology & Marine Systems

This combined program is ideal for students looking to acquire a broad range of hands-on skills you can apply to an in-demand career in the marine trades. The ACCSC-accredited Combined Program in Composites Technology & Marine Systems offers the opportunity for students to experience the full curriculae of our Composites Technology and Marine Systems programs back-to-back with a single externship at their conclusion. 

IYRS Degree Programs

IYRS supports and encourages life-long learning. For students eager to connect our experiential learning to a traditional college education, IYRS works with you to determine credit transfer opportunities at your two- or four-year institution of choice.