IYRS is the best choice for those looking for a Digital Modeling School In Rhode Island.

Get Certified in 3D Modeling, CAD, and CNC Programming

Digital Modeling & Fabrication | Accredited 9 month program | Meets Monday through Friday, 8:30-5 | Enrolls in September

In this intensive, 9-month program, students will learn and experience the design and fabrication process through immersive, project-based learning. The Digital Modeling & Fabrication program prepares students for industry-standard software certification exams in SOLIDWORKS® and Mastercam, while also building proficiency in Rhino. Throughout the program, students learn to fabricate their designs using manual mills and lathes, laser cutters, CNC mills and lathes, a variety of 3d printers, and a CNC router with Fagor controller.  

The design process is a unique component of the Digital Modeling & Fabrication curriculum. Through design, students are challenged to take the underlying technical and software skills they are learning and apply them to a range of unique fabrication projects. The fabrication projects allow students to develop problem-solving skills within the design process and result in a professional portfolio that can be presented to potential employers.

This immersive program culminates in a capstone project where students use the skills they’ve acquired to create an object or product of their own design. The capstone project becomes an exciting and valuable component of the final portfolio. 

Digital Modeling & Fabrication is an ideal fit for students who are passionate about both technology and hands-on fabrication. Graduates of the Digital Modeling & Fabrication program pursue careers in a variety of fields including CNC programming, fabrication design, and physical prototyping. 

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Program Details

We learned how to use so many tools I had never used before.
I feel like I can make anything.
- Telli Quinn '19
now an Industustrial Designer with Empire Group

IYRS student tracing a cardboard layout
IYRS student with a mask on using a piece of machinery
different stages of prototypes



  • Hand & Power Tool Use

  • Design Principles


  • Mastercam 

  • Rhino

  • Manual Machining with Mills and Lathes

  • CNC Programming Using Mills, Lathes, and Router with Fagor Controller

  • Laser Cutting

  • 3D Printing & Prototyping


  • Craftsmanship

  • Design Thinking

  • Project Management

  • Shop Safety

  • Portfolio Development 

  • Presentation Skills

  • Teamwork & Communication

  • Time Management


  • CNC Programmer

  • Machinist

  • Fabrication Designer

  • CAD Designer

  • Fabrication Technician

  • Prototyping Specialist

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Newsweek named IYRS one of the Best Maker Schools in the world for 2021. Winners of this prestigious award are institutions of higher education that have curricula that encourages learning by doing; are supported by educators committed to collaborative problem-solving; have well-developed makerspaces, labs, and studios; and which support diverse, interactive communities that engage in knowledge and skill sharing.
The award highlights institutions with innovative programs that demonstrate the ingenuity and community engagement that are hallmarks of the maker movement.