About Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island regularly appears on 'best of' travel lists. From colonial era and Gilded Age mansions to stunning beaches, world-class museums, and waterfront restaurants, Newport offers unique and exciting opportunities for year-round exploration. 

Newport gained fame during the Gilded Age in the late 1800s when business luminaries like the Vanderbilts and Astors built elaborate oceanfront 'cottages', whose architecture mirrored European palaces, as a respite from the heat of the city. Many of these mansions are now museums open the public and are walking distance from the IYRS campus.

The first US Opens of golf and tennis were held in Newport and the America's Cup races took place in Newport from 1930-1983. The home of many 'firsts', Newport continues to delight students, residents, and visitors with its vibrant cultural opportunities and stunning oceanfront setting.

The IYRS campus, located directly on Newport Harbor, sits in the heart of downtown Newport on famed Thames Street. IYRS is walking distance to myriad restaurants, shops, museums, parks, marinas, and more.

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