Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

Student Portion

What is HEERF?
The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) has provided emergency financial aid grants to students for
expenses incurred as a result of COVID-19 disruptions to their educational programs. During these
challenging and uncertain times, IYRS recognizes that students may require short-term financial
assistance in order to persist with their academic goals.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive a HEERF grant, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Title IV eligible.  A student does not need to be a Title IV recipient, but they do need to be eligible to receive federal student aid.  Although the USDE does not require a FAFSA, this is the most practical way to determine whether a student is Title IV eligible.  Title IV eligibility requirements as defined by Section 484 of the Higher Education Act are as follows:

o   Student is enrolled and accepted for enrollment in a financial aid approved degree or certificate program.

o   Student has a high school diploma or GED.

o   Student meets satisfactory academic progress, as applicable.

o   Student does not owe an overpayment on Title IV grants or loans.

o   Student is not in default on a Title IV loan.

o   Student, as part of the financial aid application process, filed a certification that includes a statement of educational purpose and social security number.

o   Student has a verified security number.

o   Student is a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or eligible noncitizen.

o   Student returned fraudulently obtained Title IV funds, if convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to charges.

o   Student has not fraudulently received Title IV loans in excess of annual or aggregate limits.

o   Student repaid Title IV loan amounts in excess of annual or aggregate limits if obtained inadvertently.

o   Student registered with Selective Service, as applicable.

o   Student does not have a federal or state conviction for drug possession or sale, with certain time limitations

2. Have incurred new expenses as a result of school closures due to COVID-19.  These additional expenses must be the result of new arrangements – such as food, housing, healthcare, childcare costs -

3. Complete a HEERF Grant Application Form.  Deadline to submit: Thursday, July 23, 2020.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Can international students receive HEERF grants?

International and Undocumented Students:  The USDE’s April 21 guidance states that students must meet Title IV eligibility requirements in order to receive HEERF-student share funds.  Therefore, international and undocumented students are not eligible to receive emergency grants.  

Can students in online programs receive HEERF grants?

Students who were enrolled exclusively in online programs on March 13 (the date of President Trump's national emergency proclamation) are not eligible for HEERF-student share funds, per USDE's April 21 guidance.

What can HEERF grant funds be used for?

Grant funds can be used for food, housing, course materials, technology, healthcare, childcare.

*Note that these funds cannot be used to pay an outstanding account balance. 

Award Amounts

These funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Grant amounts range from $1,230-2,250 and are based on a student’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), as determined by the information on provided on the 2019-20 FAFSA. 

Student EFC









Total Amount Awarded to Institution $27,460
Total Amount of Grants Distributed $27,400
Total Number of Students Receiving Grants 14
*Information reported as of 8/5/20  

Disbursement of Funds

IYRS’ Business Office will be in touch with students regarding payment. 

U.S. Department of Education Reporting 

Total number of applications: 14

Total number of students who have received an emergency financial aid grant: 14

Total amount that has been distributed to students to date: $27,400

Instructions, directions, or guidance provided by the institution to students concerning the emergency grants: EMAIL

Contact Information

For questions or to submit applications, please email Jill Dubnansky at jdubnansky@iyrs.edu.

Institutional Portion

IYRS School of Technology & Trades received funding through the Department of Education under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  In compliance with the Department of Education, IYRS will produce quarterly reports on how Section 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion, (a)(2), and (a)(3) Public Reporting funds were used until all of the funds are expended. 

Below please find the links to the reports.




View Q2 Report Here