Apartments & Rental Housing In Newport, RI

Looking for a trades school in Rhode Island? Welcome to IYRS!

This housing information is provided as a courtesy to assist students in their search for accommodations that fit their needs. IYRS does not endorse, manage, or verify any properties and/or individual landlords but does assist students in identifying housing options. Students are responsible for locating and vetting housing arrangements that meet their needs.

Because of Rhode Island's small size making for comparatively short commutes, IYRS students live both in Newport and in surrounding communities on Aquidneck Island, as well as on the mainland which is just fifteen minutes from campus. Convenient mainland towns to campus include Narragansett, North Kingstown, and South Kingstown.

Housing Assistance for IYRS Students

Many of our students choose to live with other IYRS students. Enrolled students will be invited to join a private online group to help facilitate housing connections. Additionally, IYRS provides contact information for local real estate companies who are familiar with IYRS’s school schedule, as well as online real estate rental resources.