Gel Coat Repair: Two-Day Workshop | June 14 + 15

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Gel Coat Repair Workshop
Friday and Saturday, June 14+15, 2024 
$400 pp


IYRS School of Technology & Trades
Brooks Building
10 Spring Wharf
Newport, RI  02840

Gel Coat Repair Workshop
This course highlights the principles of gel coat repair, starting with the foundational chemistry of the materials and leading to the techniques that
optimize the repair process.

Gel coat provides a durable cosmetic surface for many boats, recreational and consumer products. With that durability comes specialized techniques
for repair and refinishing. This workshop is designed to highlight the specific characteristics of gel coat materials with an understanding of the cosmetic
repair process.

This workshop begins with establishing the technical groundwork for gel coat products, the effects of environmental exposure, understanding types of cracks and repair procedures. The in-shop work will create specific types of damage to gel coat surfaces and provide hands-on experience in restoration for good cosmetic results. Join the IYRS expert staff for this two-day session that will enhance your understanding and skill in addressing gel coat issues.

The workshop will cover these fundamental aspects of repair:

  • Understanding gel coat and composites materials
  • Composites cosmetics – Types of surface coatings
  • Gel Coat as a cosmetic finish
  • Effects of environmental exposure on gel coat
  • Identifying types of gel coat cracks
  • Fundamentals of Gel Coat Repair
  • Understanding sandpaper
  • Color matching and surface textures
  • Gel coat repair troubleshooting
  • Gel coat care and maintenance

Who should attend:
Boat owners, boat yard personnel and those interested in fiberglass composites will benefit from this dive into gel coat technology. The subject matter will “up the technical game” for those working in the field, as well as someone interested in learning to do repairs on a more casual basis. The goal of the workshop is to equip the participants with the technical background to make good decisions and develop fundamental skills for gel coat repairs.

Limited to 10 participants.

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