Rhino 7 Workshop


Learn to 3D Model, Print & Cast with Rhino 7
Design & Create a Small Bronze Object


4-Session Workshop  
July 13, 20, 27 + August 3 (Wednesdays)
5:30-8:30 PM      
Taught by Lauren Lake, IYRS Lead Instructor
Cost $430 includes a Rhino 7 Educational License
Limited to 10 participants.

IYRS School of Technology & Trades
Brooks Building, 3rd Floor
449 Thames St.
Newport, RI  02840

Rhino 7 is an industry standard 3D modeling software (surface modeler) used by makers, designers, architects, and others who 3D print, make, or ‘digitally visualize’ within a wide variety of disciplines.

In this 4-session workshop, you will learn the basics of Rhino 7 to design a piece of jewelry or other small handheld object. This is a great introduction to Rhino 7 to get you 3D modeling and making FAST!


After gaining some familiarity with the software in class, you’ll sketch a design that will then be modeled in Rhino. After your design is optimized for output (mesh/.stl) you’ll learn to use Preform (Formlabs proprietary slicer) to orient the part, add supports, and choose material and resolution settings so your design can be 3D printed on a Form2 resin printer in castable wax resin. Your design will then be cast in bronze at a foundry. Hand finishing and polishing will be discussed and worked on in class if time allows. 

In addition to 3D modeling techniques and file prep for 3D printing, we’ll cover SLA printing considerations, resin types, and assorted 3D printed metal options. We’ll also discuss how to work with some popular online vendors so that you can execute future projects with confidence.

REQUIREMENTS: You will need to bring your own PC laptop with Rhino 7 for Windows installed* to each session. 

*This workshop includes an educational, non-commercial, non-transferable, non-expiring license that will be associated with you as an individual. 



´╗┐Topics to be covered include:


Rhino Interface


Orthographic Views

Modeling aids

2d Geometry 

3d Modeling Basics

Boolean Operations

Closed Polysurfaces (and troubleshooting)


Converting to Mesh

File Size Considerations

Outputting to 3d Printable File Formats

Preform and Slicing Software



Mold Types

One or Many?

Shrinkage Considerations

Burnout Schedules

Basic Post-Machining



SLA Printing

3d Printing in SLA(Stereolithography)

Form2 Resin Printers

Orienting Parts

Printing Supports 

Wall Thickness Considerations


What Next?

3d Printing Metal Options

Working with 3d Printing Vendors

Software Packages: Which, How Long and How Much?

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