Rigging Intensive: 5 Day Workshop | August 12-16

Rigging Intensive: 5-Day Workshop

Monday - Friday, August 12-16
$800 pp

IYRS School of Technology & Trades
Restoration Hall 
449 Thames Street
Newport, RI  02840

There is a certain magic to proper ropework on a boat, where lines have eyes without apparent seams, and ropes are joined by a mysterious weave. Since the first days of sailing, splicing has been a necessary
component of the sailor’s art, and it’s never been more so than today, when the choice of rope materials and construction is more varied and versatile than ever.

Immerse yourself in an intensive splicing and rigging course with local rigger Ben Zartman, where everything, from the familiar 3-strand and yacht braid to the latest 16-carrier specialty Dyneema will be
demystified in detail. There’s a world of rigging innovation out there, waiting to be discovered and developed, and a solid grasp of the latest in rope technology and method will put you on the doorstep to the future.

An illustrated rigging reference textbook made specifically for this workshop will be provided to all participants.

Splicing Kit available for purchase directly from  benjaminzartman@gmail.com ($125 - 15% discount from retail) 
or students are required to bring the following items:

  • Wire pull-fids, 3 sizes
  • Ceramic knife
  • 1/4" plucker fid
  • rigging tape
  • Double-braid splice gauge (unique to Zartman Rigging)
  • Marking pens (Sharpies: black, fine, and silver)
  • Wooden knot fid (to keep knots from clenching tight)
  • Soft fid
  • Needles

Required but not included in kit:

  • Micro-serrated scissors
  • Soft hammer
  • Sail palm (optional)
  • Pliers
  • Any fid sets you prefer and/or are comfortable with

This workshop will be taught by Ben Zartman from Zartman Rigging. 
Ben designed and built a gaff rig with synthetic shrouds for his home-finished Atkins cutter, then sailed it with his family from California to Newfoundland. They settled in Rhode Island where he runs a rigging shop and works as a schooner captain. When he can, he runs away to sea for deliveries, mostly to the Bahamas and Bermuda, and once through the Northwest Passage to Alaska.


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